Wilsonart Woodgrains
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Introducing a next-generation design material that does everything wood veneer can’t. In the species, cuts and stains you love, without the harsh realities of wood.

It's unreal how real they look.

Wood veneer has met its match. Ready to meet yours?

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Featured Oak Samples

You know oak’s distinctive straight grain like the back of your hand. Order a sample to see just how well our woodgrains match up.

Featured Walnut Samples

Choose a sample to see how our woodgrains capture the rich color and durability of walnut without the markup for premium cuts.

Featured Maple Samples

Whether you like a fine straight grain, dramatic cathedraling or a figured look, our maple woodgrains deliver. Order a sample of your favorite and put us to the test.

Featured Cherry Samples

It's classic for a reason. Order a sample and get ready to fall in love with the satiny smooth texture, fine grain and iconic rosy warmth of cherry all over again. 

Featured Ash Samples

Our ash woodgrains celebrate this species’ variety of grain patterns, subtle striping and versatility with a range of prestained looks. Order a sample for a closer look.

Featured Exotic Samples

Order a sample inspired by the most stunning timbers around the world, from shimmering burled mahogany to lustrous rosewood no longer available on the wood market.

How to out-wood the real thing


Now trending: wood that's not wood at all

  • Old-Money Blonde Woodgrains

    These light, layered, ashen woods feature a soft, neutral blend of cool and warm tones that create a mood of understated luxury.

  • Dark Mode Woodgrains

    Woodgrains stained with deep, moody hues take center stage, adding a dramatic ambience and sophistication in large-scale applications.

  • Mid-Century Classics

    Timeless species like walnut, teak and mahogany in warm mid-tones lend an iconic retro-modern simplicity to resimercial spaces.

You've got to feel it to believe it.

Your hands know wood-but that's no reason to let it hold you back. Try a sample and consider a material that's truly unreal.


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