Upcycle That Sample

In the design and construction industry, we find ourselves creating waste from expired or unused materials that inevitably make their way to the landfill. Why not repurpose, or upcycle, these materials back to our community?

Wilsonart encourages you to donate laminate, solid surfacing and decorative metal samples to schools and arts organizations that collect building materials for creative reuse. These unwanted materials can be helpful to teachers, artists, crafters, etc. To find an arts organization in your area, refer to the list below. Please contact the organization directly prior to dropping off samples to ensure it has a current need for products. We welcome you to add organizations to our list by submitting the name, address and contact information to smartline@wilsonart.com.

Multiple Locations

  • ZeroLandfill™ - Check local listings for yearly events in your area. Facebook is a good option.

  • Save A Sample!