• The Gallery on Fifth

    A seven-story urban living space in

    Tucson, Arizona, is much more than an

    Apartment complex. It’s an innovative space that

    celebrates art in every form. Learn how this project

    brings art to life through the design of interior doors. 

  • Springs at Cape Coral

    A 292-unit complex in Florida, Springs at Cape Coral offers townhome-style residences and a community atmosphere. Featuring studio and multi-room floor plans, each unit is designed for style and functionality. Upscale shared amenities, including a swimming pool, fitness center, clubhouse, and a pet play area, provide a resort feel.


  • Menchaca Elementary School

    When Austin ISD’s Menchaca Elementary School received the news in 2015, its original building, constructed in 1973, received a failing score on the district’s facility assessment.

  • Foundry Ridge Meadows

    Located in Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Foundry Ridge Meadows is a social service and integrated health facility that helps young people and their families find the care, connection, and support they need.

  • Campus Dental

    Campus Dental near the University of British Columbia campus focuses on providing general and specialized dentistry to the University of British Columbia students, residents, employees, and faculty.

  • Femme Next Generation Women's Care

    A first-of-its-kind women’s urgent care and med spa, Femme is intentionally designed to support wellness, provide accurate diagnoses, and meet the needs of women and their families. 

  • Resplendence MedSpa

    Resplendence MedSpa in Los Angeles, California, takes beauty beyond skin deep.  

  • Saint Luke’s Rehabilitation Institute

    Saint Luke's Rehabilitation Center in Overland Park, Kansas, was built so that patients and family members would not have to travel hours away for specialized treatment.

  • Inside The Naturally House

    Setting the Mood with Nature-Inspired Design

  • Brownstone Pancake Factory

    Over 45 years ago, a young couple bought a small subway car diner that grew into a very successful family business. 

  • Granger Community Church

    A Fresh Take on Sunday School Design at Granger Community Church

    Pastor Tim Stevens has no qualms about leaving some church traditions behind. “For decades the prevailing philosophy was to paint Sunday schools in plain colors, creating a subdued environment that wouldn’t get the kids too excited, so they would sit still and listen to the stories. We weren’t interested in that. We wanted an environment where the kids would be dragging parents back to church, rather than screaming when they got dropped off.”

  • JMA Medical Office Building

    Designed for Quality Care

    Healthcare design requires a special blend of aesthetics, performance and empathy. The architects and designers at IKM Incorporated located in Pittsburgh, PA use these concepts to develop customized healthcare spaces, which make up 85 percent of their work. “As architects we feel we have the ability to improve healing and affect the quality of treatment,” says Matt Hansen, Architect and Project Manager for IKM. “We believe that if given the opportunity we can be an asset to nurses and physicians and help them to do their job in a more efficient way.” IKM bleds traditional, transitional and contemporary materials and colors to create specialized spaces.