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What is the color availability for SPC Panels?

All Wilsonart colors, patterns and woodgrains are available as Solid Phenolic Panels.

What other advantage does SPC Panels offer?

Wilsonart SPC Panels exhibit high resistance to impact and stress cracking due to their thickness.

Why is it advantageous for a Solid Phenolic Core Laminate Panel to be sanded on the back side?

Product Types 117 or 514 are both sanded on the back side. This allows the laminate to be fabricated over a frame instead of a substrate, and required no cross banding. It is often used as a component of tabletops, interior doors, or bonded to a structural member of a subway car interior.

What about durability?

The durability and impact resistance of Wilsonart SPC Panels exceed that of comparably thick panels composed of HPDL applied to two sides of medium density fiberboard.

Where are the double-faced SPC Panels used?

SPC Panels are used in applications such as toilet and dressing room partitions, instrumentation panels, workbenches, shelving, cabinetry and counter or tabletops.

Is it necessary to bond to a substrate when using SPC Panels?

SPC panels are produced in various thicknesses adequate to preclude the use of a substrate. They are useful where flat, freestanding panels are needed for decorative and/or functional purposes.

What are Wilsonart Solid Phenolic Core Panels?

SPC panels are composed of melamine decorative papers superimposed over a kraft phenolic core sheets to achieve the desired thickness. Decorative surface papers may be used on both sides of the panel, or one side may be sanded for bonding to a suitable frame.

Who can install these edges?

Information on qualified Custom Edges fabricators in your area is available from any of our regional warehouses or your local Wilsonart distributor. For a listing of distributors in your area please call (800) 433-3222.

Are all of the profiles available locally?

Many Wilsonart distributors and regional warehouses stock the Bevel Edge profiles in the most popular Wilsonart Laminate designs. Non-stock options can be ordered through your Wilsonart distributor.

How do you fabricate rounded corners?

The Rounded Corner Wood Edges are made specifically for this application and can be matched with our Solid Wood Edge profiles. RHT-1 and RHT11 rounded corners are available in 2" radii in Red Oak and Hard Maple; RKT-1 rounded corners are available in 2", 4" and 6" radii in Red Oak and Hard Maple. Methods of fabrication are shown in the Custom Edges Fabrication Manual, BR1515.

Are custom wood species available?

Yes. Wood moldings can be ordered in cherry, white oak, white birch and black ash. There is a ten-stick minimum order per species and style and a four to six week lead time. Pricing for special species is determined on an order by order basis.

Do the wood profiles have to be sanded?

The edges are machined smooth and are unfinished. It is recommended that a fine-grit sandpaper (80 micron or finer) be used before and after the sealer coat is applied. Follow the manufacturers directions based on the finishing system selected.

Is the joint waterproof?

No. But epoxy resin can be used to create a waterproof joint. Due to the precision fit of edge to deck, very little, if any, moisture can penetrate the joint.

Will Custom Edges perform as well as postformed edges?

Yes. Custom Edges carry a ten year warranty against delamination of the decorative surface from the molding core material under conditions of normal commercial and household use.

What quantities are available with the Flash program?

1-20 pieces (if ordered by 4:00 pm CST) will ship on the next day. 21 - 100 pieces (if ordered by 4:00 pm CST) will ship on the third day.

Are special orders available on the Flash program?

Yes. We will ship all custom orders just as soon as they are ready. We must follow the Custom Edges lead time, which is up to five days.

How are orders generally shipped?

There are several shipping options available for Wilsonart Custom Edges. The Flash program offers one-day manufacturing time and ships via air freight directly to the customer. The air freight fee is for the customer?s account. The Wilsonart trucking fleet is also available for Custom Edges delivery.

What are the lead times for Custom Edges?

There is a standard three-day lead time for orders less than 100 pieces. Any standard order over 100 pieces is subject to a longer lead time. Special orders carry a five-day lead time.

Can you get Performance Laminates like Chemsurf or Wilsonart High Wear Laminate on Custom Edges?

Yes. These are special orders and will carry the custom lead time (five days), the custom molding upcharge and a 4 piece minimum order requirement. See your distributor for more details.

Can you get Wilsonart Decorative Metals on Custom Edges?

No. Decorative Metals on Custom Edges are not available.

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