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Are special lengths available?

Yes. Depending upon order quantity and adequate lead time for order.

Are the colors consistent?

The decorative metals industry allows a two to three shade difference as an acceptable commercial standard.

Are special colors available?

Yes. Depending upon order quantity required and adequate lead time allowed.

Can Decorative Metals be used as tabletops?

It is not a recommended application because of all metals are subject to scratching or marring if abused. Decorative Metals should receive the same care as fine wood. Wilsonart Decorative Metals are recommended for vertical applications only.

Are Wilsonart Decorative Metals structural materials?

No, we do not recommend the decorative sheets as structural material due to the thinness of the aluminum.

Is custom sizing available?

Yes, custom sizing is available depending upon order quantity and sizes required.

What tools are required to fabricate Decorative Metals?

As mentioned above, any tools that are used to fabricate high pressure laminates can be used to fabricate aluminum Decorative Metals. This includes all cutting devices with carbide-tipped blades or bits. It is recommended that when fabricating Decorative Metals, the cutting tool speed should be as high as possible and the feed speed of the blade or bit through the metal should be as slow as possible. Please remember to use an eye protection device.

How are Decorative Metals sheets bonded?

In the same manner as high pressure laminates. Solvent-based contact adhesives are the primary means of bonding metals to other substrates. Wilsonart solvent-based contact adhesives will suitably bond Decorative Metals to most substrate types.

What about other types of metallic surfacing?

Galvalume offers a unique, faceted design for a variety of vertical applications. Steel requires special fabrication tools ? be sure to consult your tool manufacturer for their recommendations. Please note the facet size may vary.

Why aluminum?

The characteristics of aluminum allow various types of decorative surfaces, textures and colors to be available.

What sizes are available?

All designs in A-Look Mirror Metals, Anodized Aluminum, Galvalume and the Artisan Group come in standard sheet sizes of 24"x96", 24"x120", 48"x96" and 48"x120". For additional information, contact your nearest distributor of Wilsonart products.

What are Wilsonart Decorative Metals?

Wilsonart Decorative Metals are sheets of solid aluminum, steel or A-Look Mirror Quality composite panels with a decorative finish on one side and a treatment to facilitate proper bonding on the reverse side.

Is Fire-Rated Laminate formable?

No. The special materials used in Fire-Rated Laminate make it the least formable laminate made by Wilsonart International.

Are special adhesives required?

Yes. If a Class I rating is desirable, we have found that resorcinol is by far the best adhesive for fire-rated laminate test results. So, special adhesives are required if low Flame Spread and Smoke Developed ratings are required to meet a code or specification. Contact adhesives are not recommended for fire-rated applications.

Are special substrates required to achieve low test results?

Definitely yes. If you need a very low number, such as a 25 Flame Spread, you must use a fire-rated particleboard.

What product thicknesses are available in Wilsonart Fire-Rated Laminate?

Fire-Rated Laminate is offered in these thicknesses: Product 604-0.032" (0.8mm), Product 605-0.048" (1.22mm), Product 607-0.059" (1.5mm) (plus or minus 0.005" in each instance).

Is Fire-Rated Laminate available in all Wilsonart Laminate designs, woodgrains and solids?

Wilsonart Fire-Rated Laminate is available in most Standard Line patterns. Please verify pattern availability by type, size and finish by checking the Laminate Pattern Availability Search at There is a 2-sheet minimum by size, finish and product type.

Is Fire-Rated Laminate more expensive than standard laminate?

Yes. There is an upcharge for Fire-Rated Laminate due to special materials required in the manufacturing process.

What sizes are available?

Fire-Rated Laminate is available in 48" x 96" and 48" x 120" sheets.

What finishes are available?

The standard textured finish is #60.

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