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Why aluminum?

The characteristics of aluminum allow various types of decorative surfaces, textures and colors to be available.

What sizes are available?

Most Wilsonart® Decorative Metals are available in 48"x96" and 48"x120". For additional information, contact your nearest distributor of Wilsonart® products.

What are Wilsonart® Decorative Metals?

Wilsonart® Decorative Metals are sheets of solid aluminum, steel, or Metal Laminates

Is Wilsonart® Fire-Rated Laminate formable?

No. The special materials used in Fire-Rated Laminate make it the least formable laminate made by Wilsonart.

Are special adhesives required for Wilsonart® Fire-Rated Laminate?

To achieve a Class A-1 fire-rated panel, certain adhesives may be required. Contact your local Wilsonart Sales Representative for additional information.

Are special substrates required to achieve low test results?

Most applications require a Class A-1 fire-rated substrate to achieve the appropriate fire rating.

What product thicknesses are available in Wilsonart® Fire-Rated Laminate?

Fire-Rated Laminate is offered in these thicknesses: Product 604-0.032" (0.8mm), Product 605-0.048" (1.22mm), Product 607-0.059" (1.5mm) (plus or minus 0.005" in each instance). Wilsonart also offers fire-rated backers to achieve a balanced panel.

Is Fire-Rated Laminate available in all Wilsonart® Laminate designs, woodgrains, and solids?

Wilsonart® Fire-Rated Laminate is available in most promoted patterns. Please verify pattern availability by type, size, and finish by checking the Laminate Design Pattern Availability. There is a two-sheet minimum by size, finish, and product type.

Is Fire-Rated Laminate more expensive than standard laminate?

Yes. There is an upcharge for Fire-Rated Laminate due to special materials required in the manufacturing process.

What sizes are available?

Fire-Rated Laminate is available in 48" x 96" and 48" x 120" sheets.

What finishes are available in Wilsonart® Fire-Rated?

Wilsonart® Fire-Rated Laminate is available in 07, 38, and 60 finishes. Contact your local Wilsonart distributor if other finishes are requested.

What is the difference between Class II and Class B?

Nothing. It's a matter of preference whether a building code designates alpha or numeric classification.

What do the fire-rated test result numbers mean?

The test numbers mean that the material has been ranked for Flame Spread and for Smoke Developed when compared to kiln-dried Red Oak at 100 and incombustible cement board at zero. For example, a Flame Spread of 25 means that the tested product would exhibit one-quarter the Flame Spread of Red Oak in the same situation.

What does fire-rated mean?

Fire-rated means that a product has been evaluated to determine relative Flame Spread and Smoke Developed indices. Based on these indices, a rating is developed for the product. Fire-rated laminates typically have a special composition in order to have low Flame Spread and Smoke Developed properties when burned.

Are special techniques in fabrication required when working with High Wear Laminate?

No, just be aware of the additional aluminum oxide on the surface may cause additional tool wear.

Is High Wear Laminate surfacing suitable for use in chemical laboratories?

High Wear Laminate is designed where a desire for a more resilient wear surface is required. It will have the same chemical-resistant properties as traditional HPL.

Does High Wear Laminate have more impact resistance than standard laminate?

No. It does not. Impact resistance is a function of the thickness of the laminate and also of the core to which it is bonded.

How much more durable is High Wear Laminate than our standard laminate?

ISO4586 requires standard laminate to achieve wear cycles of 350 or more. ISO4586 requires High Wear Laminate to achieve over 3,000 cycles.

Is Wilsonart® High Wear Laminate surfacing available in all standard Wilsonart® Laminate sizes?

Wilsonart® High Wear Laminate is available in Widths: 48” and 60”  and Lengths: 96”, 120”, and 144”.

Can High Wear Laminate surfacing be manufactured in all standard thicknesses?

Yes. However, High Wear Laminate is only available in #60 Matte Finish.

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