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Where would I use Wilsonart Custom Laminate?

Wherever you want to create unique effects, such as on signage, table tops, doors, custom furniture and retail fixtures. Custom Laminate is especially useful for incorporating corporate logos and graphics in a design scheme.

What is Wilsonart® Custom Laminate?

Custom Laminate is actually manufacturing processes that allow the user to create one-of-a-kind laminate designs with as little as one sheet minimum order.

What is the minimum order for Digital Print Laminate?

One sheet is the minimum order.

Are all laminate products available in the Digital Print process?

Wilsonart's Virtual Design Library is available in Product Types 362, 367, 372, and 377. Wilsonart x You (WxY) truly custom laminate is available in Product Types 174, 364, and 374.

What size does Digital Print Laminate come in?

Lengths: 96", 120" and 144"; Widths: 36", 48" and 60".

Where can Digital Print Laminate be used?

This process is ideal for merchandise displays, wall murals, doors, custom furniture and panel systems, tabletops, and highly detailed accent strips. It can be used in horizontal and vertical design applications.

What is required for the development of Custom Laminate?

Good, clean artwork is a necessity. Original digital artwork is required in most cases. Please see Wilsonart Formatting Guidelines at for complete instructions.

Are Decorative Metals available with a phenolic back?

Yes, all anodized aluminum (Product Types 415, 419) are available with a phenolic back. Phenolic-backed metals are non-forming and are notrecommended for cutting into decorative edging or strip applications.

Can Wilsonart® Decorative Metals be postformed or radiused?

Postforming is not necessary, as heat will neither detract from nor add to the ability of the product to form. It may be cold radiused to a 3" inside or outside minimum. Smaller radii can fracture the surface of the anodic coating of the metal. This will not reduce the anodic protective characteristics.

What finishes are available?

Polished, mirror, patterned, matte, embossed and brushed are available for Anodized Aluminum.

Will heat effect the metal?

Yes. Extreme heat may mar the luster of the finish. Please inquire with the Wilsonart Technical Services Department for specific details.

Are special lengths available in Wilsonart® Decorative Metals?

Yes. Depending upon the order quantity and adequate lead time for an order.

Are the Decorative Metal colors consistent?

The decorative metals industry allows a two to three shade difference as an acceptable commercial standard. 

Type 415 Decorative Metals have moderate variation from sheet to sheet and within each sheet.

Type 408 Decorative Metal laminates patterns, Hot Tin Roof, and Bronze Age will have extensive variation from sheet to sheet and within each sheet.

Are special colors available on Wilsonart® Decorative Metals?

Yes. Depending upon order quantity required and adequate lead time allowed.

Can Decorative Metals be used as tabletops?

It is not a recommended application because of all metals are subject to scratching or marring if abused. Decorative Metals should receive the same care as fine wood. Wilsonart Decorative Metals are recommended for vertical applications only.

Are Wilsonart® Decorative Metals structural materials?

No, we do not recommend the decorative sheets as structural material due to the thinness of the aluminum.

Is custom sizing available for Wilsonart® Decorative Metals?

Yes, custom sizing is available depending upon order quantity and sizes required.

What tools are required to fabricate Decorative Metals?

As mentioned above, any tools that are used to fabricate High Pressure Laminates can be used to fabricate aluminum Decorative Metals. This includes all cutting devices with carbide-tipped blades or bits. It is recommended that when fabricating Decorative Metals, the cutting tool speed should be as high as possible and the feed speed of the blade or bit through the metal should be as slow as possible. Please remember to use an eye protection device.

Steel cutting tools are required for Galvalume S6501-414 Crystal Steel.

How are Decorative Metals sheets bonded?

In the same manner as high pressure laminates. Solvent-based contact adhesives are the primary means of bonding metals to other substrates. Wilsonart solvent-based contact adhesives will suitably bond Decorative Metals to most substrate types.

What about other types of metallic surfacing?

Galvalume offers a unique, faceted design for a variety of vertical applications. Steel requires special fabrication tools. Be sure to consult your tool manufacturer for their recommendations. Please note the facet size may vary.

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